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Design & Engineering

The MOC Simulation Services GmbH engineering team is comprised of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best solutions to the most complex challenges. We perform full system and component-level finite element analysis and kinematic analysis ranging from controls linkages to full system excursion, all in a 3D solid modeling based environment.

For some of the most and well known Full Flight Simulator program, memebrs of the MOC Simulation Services GmbH engineering team have coordinated the design, engineering and prototyping for the main, motion based structure.

With our complete source of engineering capabilities, we can design, analyze, and fabricate from needed structural parts, CLS systems, up to a turn-key solution to your simulation requirements.

Markus Lankes, Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) of MOC Simulation Services GmbH , is co-owner of following patent registration:

Winsh Trainer for helicopters, Deutsche Patentanmeldung 10 2018 103 617.5, Trainingssimulator für Fluggerät

Full Flight Simulators - Level D

FFS, Level D - A320/B737, Havelsan

FFS, Level D - H145, RST

FFS, Level D - EC225, Indra

FFS, Level D - AS350, Indra

Control Loading Systems - Level D

AW139, AW169, EC135, H135, H145, H175, AS350, H125

3DOF Vibration Platforms

EC225 (Level B), AS350 (Level B), EC175 (Level D), CH 53 (R&D)

Cockpit Replicas

CH53, AWACS B707, EC135, AS350, A320, B737


Leopard 2 Training Simulator, Fennek Training Simulator, SiFaT Truck Simulator, and others.