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VRX6 Dome Full Flight Simulator

VRX6 Dome Full Flight Simulator

MOC Simulation Services GmbH – a leading design, development and prototype construction company for flight and driving simulators, having an experience of over 20 years.

We’re very happy to announce the first lightweight VRX6 Dome Full Flight Simulator in production at our cooperate partner VRXsim!

The VRX6 Dome Full Flight Simulator is specially designed and developed as a lightweight alternative, using replicated cockpits, for clients which do need less motion envelope, less payload, for which the MOC FlightMec 250, FNPT - Level E prepared, might not be useful.

MOC Simulation and Sevices GmbH offers the whole VRX6 Dome Full Flight Simulator package, including cockpit and system integration, starting from:

>>> 132.000,00 EUR, without cockpit

>>> 319.000,00 EUR, with replicated cockpit and 3 channel projection

excl. packing

excl. shipping

excl. on site services

The Spherical Domed Projection Screen has a Field of View of 220-40 degrees. Together with the latest version of the domeprojection auto alignment system, our clients will have the ultra-wide and high fidelity immersion in the simulated world. 

Some Main Features:

- Several cockpits available, as A320, B737MAX & NG, B777

- 2.600kg Full Motion (6DOF)

- Spherical Dome Fiberglass Enclosure

- 220-40 Degrees Field of View

- IOS Desk

- Air Conditioning

Available Payload, if ordered without cockpit: 1.050kg

Which should include:

- Cockpit Installation

- Electronics & Cables

- Instructor Station Monitors

- 2 x Pilot Seats

- 1 x Instructor Seat

- 1 x Observer Seat

- People on Board

- Extras

Worldwide On-Site Assembly, Commissioning and Training